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Dear colleagues and friends!

The XV International St. Petersburg Venous Forum will take place at the Holiday Inn St. Petersburg on November 30 – December 02, 2022.
Interest in our Forum is growing from year to year. Its popularity has long gone far beyond the borders of our country and the Near Abroad. Conceived and called upon to unite all the best in phlebology, over the 15 years of its development, the St. Petersburg Venous Forum has grown into one of the leading Forums of the entire Eurasian space.
We invite colleagues of various specialties to discuss with us issues related to the problem of diagnosis, prevention and treatment of vein diseases. Priority are aspects of applied phlebology. We will discuss the tactical and technical features of surgical interventions on superficial and deep veins. In this regard, the focus of the Forum is young practitioners who absorb modern trends in world phlebology.
We will also pay attention to scientific aspects and problems of rehabilitation. We will reveal the leading technology brands, discuss actively developing domestic technologies that replace and in some cases surpass foreign counterparts. Particular attention will be paid to the issues of cosmetology, aesthetic medicine, which has been rapidly developing in the field of venous problems in recent years.

We invite you once again to enjoy professional discussions, personal meetings, the unforgettable atmosphere of Christmas St. Petersburg and the palace beauty of the gala dinner.

Sincerely Evgeny V. Shaydakov, MD, PhD
Professor of Cardiovascular Surgery
President, Saint Petersburg Venous Forum || SPVF


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