Dear colleagues and friends!

Evgeny V. Shaydakov, MD, PhD Professor of Cardiovascular Surgery President, Saint Petersburg Venous Forum || SPVF Past President, European Venous Forum || EVF Fellow, The Royal Society of Medicine || RSM Member, American Venous Forum || AVF

It is hard to believe, but it has been more than 10 years since the Saint Petersburg Venous Forum (SPVF) was founded to promote awareness, education, research, cutting edge technologies, and international collaboration in venous diseases. Over the years the Annual Meeting of the SPVF has become a large international scientific, social, and cultural event. Steadily rising number of participants, improving scientific level, an importance of the clinical problems being discussed, and high diversity of presentations altogether contribute to a rapidly growing popularity of the SPVF both in Russia and far beyond its borders.

Founded in 1703 as a “window to Europe”, the city of Saint Petersburg recently became the place where Russian phlebology first began to cooperate with international societies aiming to improve its arsenal with new technologies and the most updated clinical guidelines. Many leading experts in the field from different countries have actively participated in our meeting within the last years. The Annual Meeting of the SPVF has been socially named “Christmas Meetings” by our partners, colleagues, and old friends. This is because our meeting happens in the beginning of winter among beautiful Christmas decorations. The meeting program also includes several tourist events available for our families and friends, and those slackers who want to get rest from scientific discussions. Our experience indicates that Christmas atmosphere and such an informal communication at the end of the year contributes to a healthy business partnership and friendship for many years ahead. Among hundreds meetings that appear and vanish without a trace we are all still together.

We are proud to hold the 11th Annual Meeting of the SPVF in December 2018. I am positive it will be intensive and informative, as usual. Within the last three years it has been more and more difficult to reject the abstracts during the review process. So this year our meeting will take 3 full days. In an attempt to satisfy multiple requests from our colleagues we will devote the last day to a large international session. I believe this schedule will allow us to exchange an experience, identify the best practices, clarify existing misunderstandings and contradictions, and suggest common solutions for the benefit of patients with venous diseases.

Sincerely Evgeny V. Shaydakov, MD, PhD
Professor of Cardiovascular Surgery
President, Saint Petersburg Venous Forum || SPVF

Dear Phlebofriend!

Before this Christmas, just when Saint Petersburg starts to put on its Christmas colors, we plan to meet for the first time with the Saint Petersburg Venous Forum (SPVF).

We come from different cultures and nations, but common interests bring us together as the International Phlebology Forum (IPF).

Evgeny Shaydakov, organizes a fantastic meeting each year and this time it is the 11th meeting of the SPVF. Each year the SPVF becomes larger and this time we want to make it larger than before by being part of it. The organizers of the SPVF have allocated a session to International speakers from the IPF in addition to other international speakers to truly make it international.

Since the IPF is an organization of friends interested in phlebology, tell your friends about this too. We want to be in St. Petersburg this time. Please write to us so we can keep you informed of the progress.

See you in St. Petersburg.
Evgeny and I await you.

Malay Patel, Dr
Vascular Surgeon, Phlebologist
Vice-president, 1st International Phlebology Forum
Assistant General Secretary, International Union of Phlebology || UIP