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Dear colleagues and friends!

The XV International St. Petersburg Venous Forum will take place at the Holiday Inn St. Petersburg on November 30 – December 02, 2022.
Over the years of its existence and development, the St. Petersburg Venous Forum has radically changed our understanding of modern phlebology. The Forum has turned into an annual international congress, which occupies a worthy place among the largest, most popular, scientifically and socially significant phlebological conferences. The St. Petersburg Venous Forum plays an important role in the development of phlebology not only in Russia, but also abroad, in the formation of a new generation of phlebologists. The Forum analyzes the realities and trends of modern international phlebology, determines the ways of its development.
This year we will consider the most pressing issues of anatomy, physiology, diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the veins and the lymphatic system. Sections of the American Venous Forum, the European Venous Forum will be held. The discussions will be attended by colleagues from Latin America, Australia, Indochina. The new composition of the Expert Council of the St. Petersburg Association of Phlebologists will select the best reports, determine the nominees for the gold medal “For Outstanding Contribution to the Development of Phlebology”. By agreement, the 10 best works will be published in one of the top-rated foreign magazines.
Today, the World Health Organization announced the stabilization of the epidemiological situation in the world associated with the spread of coronavirus at a very high level. This allows us to speak with confidence about the possibility of holding the Forum in a traditional face-to-face format.

We invite you once again to enjoy professional discussions, personal meetings, the unforgettable atmosphere of Christmas St. Petersburg and the palace beauty of the gala dinner.

Sincerely Evgeny V. Shaydakov, MD, PhD
Professor of Cardiovascular Surgery
President, Saint Petersburg Venous Forum || SPVF