Dear colleagues and friends!

“Combining the best in phlebology”
St. Petersburg Association of Phlebologists is 30 years old

This year, on November 29 – December 01, the Congress Hall of the hotel “Moskovskie vorota” will hospitably open its doors for the 16th time for the International St. Petersburg Venous Forum.
Every year we look forward to this holiday, getting ready for the long-awaited meetings with colleagues and friends, discussions on the most pressing issues of modern phlebology and lymphology. An expert council of 11 leading domestic and foreign experts in the field of phlebology and lymphology has already begun working on the program of the upcoming forum.
In 2023, our Forum will be jubilee. We are celebrating the 30th anniversary of the foundation of the first in Russia Association of Phlebologists of St. Petersburg, a city that is deservedly considered the cradle of Russian phlebology. Created at the turn of the era in 1993, the St. Petersburg Association of Phlebologists has gone through a long, thorny and fruitful path of its development. We not only opened a window to the outside world, but also paved a wide road to the International Phlebological Community. Every year, St. Petersburg at the end of the year hosts numerous leaders of world and domestic phlebology in order to take stock and outline the nearest plans for our joint cooperation and development.
At the 16th European Venous Forum, which was held with great success in our city in 2015 under the patronage of the St. Petersburg Association of Phlebologists, for the first time in the history of phlebology, a gold medal “For outstanding contribution to the development of phlebology” was nominated. Over the years, it has been awarded to 8 recognized leaders of the world phlebological art. In recent years, our ties with colleagues from Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Belarus have been strengthened and are actively developing, contacts with developing associations of other CIS countries are fruitfully developing. Despite the difficult political situation, we continue to cooperate with foreign associations and colleagues from all continents. I sincerely believe that in the era of political changes, medicine, as the highest manifestation of art, should remain above and beyond politics, uniting people all over the world.
Dear friends, I invite you to St. Petersburg for the 16th St. Petersburg International Venous Forum. According to the already established tradition, the gala dinner will be held in one of the most beautiful palaces of the Northern Capital.

Sincerely Evgeny V. Shaydakov, MD, PhD
Professor of Cardiovascular Surgery
President, Saint Petersburg Venous Forum || SPVF


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